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Seriously, What is a Sales Funnel Agency?

You've heard of social media marketing, email marketing, and advertising agencies, but what about a sales funnel agency?

We all know that the agency space can be very saturated, but no one really knows about starting a sales funnel agency or what they do exactly. 

Sales Funnel Agency

The best part? Whether you're looking to start one, partner up, or just learn what a sales funnel agency is. Then you came to the right place!

I started a funnel agency over a year ago and surprisingly, not many people know about funnel building services yet. I first learned about providing this service by Gusten Sun and his Full-Time Funnel Designer Course. It got me excited about helping other business owners and content creators scale their marketing efforts using sales funnels.

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What Is A Sales Funnel Agency

A Sales Funnel Agency creates high converting funnels for any type of marketing campaign. Depending on your niche, an agency can create specific funnels for your products.

There are different types of funnel terms when you start building funnels. Many people know it as a funnel designer, funnel consultant, and a funnel agency.

The difference between the three:

Funnel Designer

A funnel designer focuses more on the design of the funnel or website and enhances the overall layout.

  • Redesign your funnel.
  • Better fonts.
  • Create Mockups.
  • Use CSS.
Funnel Consultant

A funnel consultant will assist in the design, copy, and overall structure of the funnel. A funnel consultant will typically charge more than a funnel designer.

  • Provides more than just funnel design.
  • Helps create a better offer. (Offer stacks, Bonus Stacks & more.)
  • Can assist with copywriting and tweaking the headlines.
  • Can be a monthly service.
Funnel Agency

A funnel agency works in all components of a funnel design. They will normally handle and help you with restructuring your offer, funnel design, copywriting, and graphics. Most funnel agencies will include all of this and maybe even handle traffic as well.

  • Has a team and provides a full service funnel buildout.
  • Create a high converting offer.
  • Can white-label as a funnel service.
  • Can also be a monthly service.

What Do Funnel Agencies Do?

So as previously stated, a funnel agency will typically help you with the entire funnel buildout, copy, and design. No matter what type of sales funnel you need, a funnel agency should be able to handle all types of sales funnels.

Sales Funnel Agencies

How Much Does A Sales Funnel Design Cost?

Many people charge different rates, but most funnel designers charge $1000-$3000 depending on what type of sales funnel you need.

Here at Kart Funnels, we are very transparent with our pricing. We start at $1000 and never go beyond $2500 for a complete funnel buildout.

You can also purchase pre-designed funnel templates at a much lower cost, but you still need to understand how to write good copy, product offers, and much more.

If you haven't built funnels yet, then I recommend that you take a course or workshop such as The One Funnel Away Challenge.

Should I Have A Sales Funnel In My Business?

Yes, you should have a sales funnel in your business especially if you are running ads or trying to build an email list. That's like asking for a cheese burger without the combo... And yes, I'm terrible at jokes.

Sales funnels will allow you to optimize your traffic and build a list of raving fans waiting to purchase your products or services.

What Are The Different Types Of Sales Funnels?

Landing Page (Opt-in Page)

A two-page funnel that leads a visitor to opt-in to your email list with a freebie.

Free+Shipping Offer

This funnel will be used to send out a "free" offer leading into a up-sell for your other products. The customer pays for the shipping cost and you will typically lose money on the front-end. Many funnel builders will use this method for books or e-commerce products. 

VSL Funnel

A video sales letter funnel creates trust with your visitors using long-form copy and video.

Hero Funnel

Mainly focuses on the owner of the company. Best for anyone who wants to put all their services and showcase their life story.

Webinar Funnel

A webinar funnel has a visitor sign up to watch a free training and sells a product or service in the backend.

E-commerce Funnel

Many ecom experts are understanding that building a funnel for a specific product can lead to more sales. An ecom funnel allows a user to purchase the best item and sell more on the backend via emails, upsells, and within their community.

Consulting Funnel

A two-step funnel allowing a visitor to schedule a consultation call with you to see if they are a good fit for your high ticket offer.

And so many more funnels! It's almost never ending what you can do with funnels.

How To Start A Sales Funnel Agency?

Starting a sales funnel agency from scratch will be one of the best business models in 2021 and beyond. Businesses are now seeing how important it is too have a sales funnel and convert visitors into customers.

In order to start a funnel agency, you'll want to make sure you understand the sales funnel process and have experience building complex funnels. You can do this by either trial and error or taking online courses. I recommend taking Full-time Funnel Designer or The One Funnel Away Challenge if you're looking to start.

Social Media Marketing Agency Vs. Sales Funnel Agency

When I first starting my online business journey, I tried many different side hustles. SMMA was one of those and as you guessed it, I failed pretty hard. That doesn't mean that it's not a good business model, it just wasn't for me. 

I was introduced to ClickFunnels back in 2018 and starting messing around with funnels. Never doing much with it other than building funnels and lead magnets for my other business ventures.

Until I ran into a course how to start a sales funnel agency! I got so hooked and now I build funnels for other business owners like myself and believe sales funnels will take over.

Sales Funnel Agency Conclusion

If you're looking to work with a sales funnel agency or happy that you learned something today, then comment below! If you want to take the same course I did to start agency, then join the Full-time Funnel Designer Course!

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