My Story

How I went from ZERO sales to creating high converting sales funnels & content creation for a living.

  • ClickFunnels Consultant
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Content Creator
My Story - Kart Funnels

Who Is Behind Kart Funnels?

Hey, Im Eddy! The founder of Kart Funnels and i'm excited to tell you a little about me & my story.

I was always looking for different ways to make money online and despite all the failures, I somehow managed to push through and make a livable income from home.

I started out just like everyone else going through FOMO and trying out Dropshipping, a Facebook ad agency, and network marketing... I'm sure most of you relate to that. Even after all those failed attempts, I am thankful because I have a successful marketing company and sales funnel agency.

Who Am I?

I'm a 25yr old entrepreneur who makes a Full-Time living online and have helped hundreds of people start an online business!

I work as a funnel designer, content creator, and affiliate marketer. The journey was LONG, but definitely worth it!

My story - Eddy Ballesteros

My Business Structure

After figuring out what worked for me and seeing how I could help others along the way. These are the businesses that flourished during the pandemic and that I work oon everyday.

Funnel Design Services

I started designing funnels at the end of 2020 and learned about this business model from taking Gusten Sun's Full-Time Funnel Designer Course. Building funnels has not only shown me how to convert more visitors into sales, but I built a passion for designing beautiful high-converting sales funnels. I also sell ClickFunnels templates and consulting.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my most "passive" income business because it allows me to create content once and receive recurring sales on a monthly basis. I have been doing affiliate marketing for over 2 years and it's something i'll always do in the backend. I run a blog called TrendyBusinesses where I teach affiliate marketing and digital product creation.

Content Creator

Creating content was something I always wanted to do whether it was a blog, social media, or Youtube. I run a Part-Time Youtube channel teaching others how to start a profitable credit repair business from scratch and enjoy every second of it. I also will be creating video content for ClickFunnels tutorials & training.

Why Funnel Design? 

Designing funnels has been such a great experience and learning how to bring someones wireframe into reality will never get old. Like I said before, I ran into Funnel building later into my online journey and never thought I would turn this business into a Full-Time Business. 

ClickFunnels has played a huge part of my success from creating content and building a community of active loyal fans. So building funnels will always be apart of my business structure and creating templates for other businesses will be here to stay!

How Do I Start Building Funnels?

If you're a complete newbie like I was, then I recommend that you start of with The One Funnel Away Challenge hosted by ClickFunnels!

This course will teach you every step of funnel building and create sales that almost seem passive.

Note: Many people get stuck when starting out, but if you join the OFA challenge using my link, You have straight access to me and I'll help you along the journey!