Have you ever wanted to become a full-time funnel designer? Imagine a business where you don't need to make sales calls, manage Facebook ads,
Google Ads, and all you need to do is build beautiful-looking funnels?

So, we all know building funnels seem like an awesome gig, but you just don't know where to begin or how to do all the tech integrations? That's where Gusten Sun's Fulltime Funnel Designer course comes into play. This means you should relax and takes notes while reading my Fulltime Funnel Designer Review!

Gusten Sun

Full-Time Funnel Designer

95% Overall

Learn How to Build Beautiful 7 Figure Funnels That Convert:

This course teaches funnel design and how to attract your dream clients! Gusten Sun shows you step by step how to close clients without having to make a single sales call.


The best news? This course is actually not that complicated at all. All it takes is a creative mind, hustle mentality, and a passion to build high converting funnels!

As you can see, I've become very passionate about building funnels and I've been very blessed to start my own funnel design agency during these crazy times that we're in.

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Funnel Design Agency

This all started with my first business running credit repair and we wanted to find a way to automate sales through a lead generation process. That's when I fell in love with ClickFunnels and literally bought every book they had. I purchased The One Funnel Away Challenge soon after. I'm sure like most of you who have run into Russel Brunson's ads, you went down this same path or aka "Funnel" Lifestyle. lol

After some time, We wanted to create even better designs since credit repair was a very high-risk industry. I purchased Gusten Sun's ClickFunnels 37 Template Pack and FELL EVEN HARDER for ClickFunnels... After investing and creating hundreds of funnels for other businesses, I run my funnel design agency full-time.

What Is The Fulltime Funnel Designer Course?

Fulltime Funnel Designer

Fulltime Funnel Designer is a complete A-Z course on how to start a funnel design agency. Whether you are a complete beginner or have built hundreds of funnels, this course will outline everything you need to get clients requesting your design services. 

What's included in the Course?

Gusten first explains how funnels changed his life and how he made his income using his 3 pillar profits. (Awesome golden nuggets in that video.) 

The First thing he teaches is how to pick a niche, how to brand yourself, and where to place yourself in the market. As of writing this today, they just added brand new wireframes and training videos

  1. Funnel Launch Checklist. 
  2. Client Onboarding checklist. 
  3. Build your business checklist.
Here's What's Included
  • Pre-Made Funnel Agency Toolbox
  • 7 Figure Funnel Templates
  • Automated Client Onboarding Template
  • Weekly Q&A Group Coaching Calls
  • Workbook w 50+ Pages of 6 Figure Frameworks & Much More!
More Training:

Not only do you get the above training, but you also learn how to use ClickFunnels and become a high end funnel designer. This course focuses on ClickFunnels, but you can still implement the training for other funnel builders 🙂

Seriously, Gusten Sun has been updating the course on a weekly basis! Check out the screenshot below that I got from the Facebook group.

CF Funnels Gusten Sun

How Much Does Fulltime Funnel Designer Cost?

Fulltime Funnel Designer is priced at $799 or 3 payments of $395. 

Become A FullTime Funnel Designer Today Here

Is Fulltime Funnel Designer Worth it?

Yes, the program is worth it as long as you're ready to put in the work to become a ClickFunnels Expert. I've taken the course and even though I get to build funnels, I still go back to each lesson and rewatch certain parts because of the value in it.

Is The Training Only For ClickFunnels Users?

While the training is shown within the ClickFunnels Software, you can still implement the design training and client acquisitions lessons for other funnel builders. Once I fully master ClickFunnels, Then i'll move onto other funnel builders and expand my funnel agency. 

A lot of other students within the private group work with other funnel software such as Kartra and Groovefunnels so I definitely believe this can work for any type of funnel agency.

What Does A Funnel Design Agency Do?

A funnel design agency helps business owners and entrepreneurs create beautiful funnels that convert. 

A profitable funnel agency will help with the offer creation, design creation, and split tests. Once you become a master of your craft, then you can start to hire and delegate certain projects within your funnel design service.

Why A ClickFunnels Design Service?

The reason you should start a Clickfunnels design agency is that funnels are becoming more important as you scale your brand or business. This means that other businesses will need these services since they are busy focusing on the growth of their own company. 

And to be honest, building funnels doesn't feel like work!

Plan To Reach 6 Figures Within My Funnel Agency

This is information provided by Gusten Sun and his training course.

step 1

Attract Dream Clients

Im currently using Facebook, Instagram, and Blogging to attract my dream clients.

step 2

Get Paid High-Ticket

Provide high level consulting and showcase 7 figure designs to match my pricing level.

step 3

Build Great Funnels

Build funnels everyday and become a ClickFunnels Expert. 

Fulltime Funnel Designer Overview

So what should you really look out for in this course?


  • Detailed Training
  • ClickFunnels Tutorials
  • Design Resources & Workbooks
  • Private Community


  • Can be difficult for beginners
  • Need to learn different funnels
  • Mainly For ClickFunnels Users
  • Not a get rich quick scheme.


This program has been a huge push forward for my funnel design services and I thank Gusten for that. I recommend this training if you're ready to put in the work and learn how to build high converting funnels. If you use my affiliate link, I'll also guide you in this process and I hope to build partnerships along the way. So here is the link with $200 off the course!

Be sure to check out Fulltime Funnel Designer Today and become a ClickFunnels Expert! 

So over to you, what made you want to start a Funnel Agency? Comment Below!

About the Author Eddy Ballesteros

Hey Everyone! I'm a Full-time Funnel Designer & Blogger who wanted to get out of the 9-5 lifestyle. I knew that Online Business was something I wanted to do and would stop at nothing to achieve this goal. I'll do the same for you as long as you seek it :)

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